Room for Rent

Room for rent in May 2019



Hello 👋

A room has opened up in my 3 bedroom apartment in The Mission in San Francisco near 22nd Street and Folsom. The apartment is a large upper floor flat in a Victorian style house with a backyard, balcony, garage, no-coin laundry, and large shared living space. This apartment has it all! The room is $1,400/month. 

My roommate, Sami, and I are searching for someone who is clean and responsible to rent the room as a month-to-month subtenant. The contract would begin around May 17th 2019. Let me know if this is something you are interested in or know someone who may be! Email me or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.




Bedroom for rent, with closet, some built-in shelving and a large window facing West. 
Easily fits a Queen size bed, two dressers, TV stand etc…


Kitchen attached to living room

Living room facing backyard


Shared backyard with downstairs neighbor

Small balcony overlooking backyard

Shared bathroom



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